Foster Application Form


Name of Applicant Name of Co-Applicant
Driver's License # Email Address
Physical Address (where bully will be located) Home Phone
City, State, Zip Code Cell Phone
Employer Work Phone
Are you at least 21 years of age or older?  
  Yes     No  
How did you hear about South Texas Bully Alliance?  


1. Do you live in a: 2. Do you:
 Mobile Home
3. If you rent or lease, does your lease allow pets? 4. If yes, are there any breed or weight restrictions?
 Yes     No  Yes     No
5. If you are renting, please provide your landlord's contact information:
Landlord's Name Landlord's Phone
6. Will your foster be a surprise for any family members? 8. Please list all members of your household: Age
  Yes     No 1.
7. If no, do all family members agree to this adoption?
 Yes     No

9. Do any family members have allergies?
 Yes     No
  10. If yes, are they allergic to pet dander?

 Yes     No
11. Why do you want to become a foster with STXBA?  
12. Dog Experience: 13. Do you have any experience with bully breeds?
 First time owner
 Fostered one or two
 Yes     No
If yes, which breed?
14. How many hours a day will your foster be left alone? 15. Do you plan to keep your foster:
 Less than 12 hours
 Part of the day
 All day
16. Where will your foster be kept during the day? 17. Where will your foster be kept during the night?
18. Do you have a fully fenced yard? 19. Have you ever fostered from a rescue group or shelter?
 Yes     No  Yes     No
If yes, what type of fence and how high? If yes, what group/shelter?
20. Are you currently fostering any other pets? 21. Are all of your pets current on vaccines?
  Yes     No  Yes     No
22. If yes, please list all of your current pets.  
23. Do you agree to keep your foster on a heartworm preventative?
 Yes     No  
24. Are you willing to provide a flea/tick preventative for your foster?
 Yes    No  
25. Do you give permission for a South Texas Bully Alliance representative to visit your home prior to the completion of your foster application to do a home check?
 Yes    No     Initials  


Age Training
 No preference
 6 months - 1 year
 1 - 4 years
 Some obedience training
 Fully trained
Activity Level Sex
 No preference
 No preference


Veterinarian's Name Business Phone
Business Address City, State, Zip Code
If you do not have a veterinarian, list 2 references. One of your references must be a neighbor.
Name Phone
Address City, State, Zip Code
Name Phone
Address City, State, Zip Code
  I certify that the information provided on the South Texas Bully Alliance Foster Application is true, complete, and correct. I am aware that falsification or misrepresentation of the above information will result in rejection of this application and/or possible removal of a fostered bully from my home.
South Texas Bully Alliance reserves the right to refuse any applicant.