Volunteer Registration Form

Upon your submission of this application you will receive a follow-up email regarding the next New Volunteer Orientation Class. This orientation class is a requirement to all volunteering activities.

Please note that you must over the age of 18 to volunteer with South Texas Bully Alliance. Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent must be under direct supervision while volunteering.


Name of Registrant
Physical Address (where bully will be located)
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Email Address
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Would you be interested in receiving email updates about STXBA news and upcoming events?
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How did you hear about South Texas Bully Alliance?


1) What days are you usually available: 2) How many days a month would you like to volunteer?
 1 - 7 days
 7 - 14 days
 14 - 21 days
 A much as possible
3) Have you ever volunteered with another animal rescues? 4) Do you have any experience with bully breeds?
  Yes     No   Yes     No
If yes, where? If yes, which breed?
5) Why do you want to volunteer with STXBA?  
6) Do you have any health issues that we may need to know about?  
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If yes, please explain.  


What areas of STXBA are of most interest to you? Please list any special skills or talents you be able to offer:
  Walking and playing with the dogs
 Help with feeding and cleaning kennels
 Help train the dogs (basic obedience skills)
 Facility maintenance
 Assist with adoption & promotion events
 Public education
 Administrative work


First and Last Name Phone
Address City, State, Zip Code
First and Last Name Phone
Address City, State, Zip Code
  I represent that I am over eighteen years of age and acknowledge that I have read this agreement carefully and fully understand its contents and implications. I am aware that this a waiver and release of liability and indemnity