Happily Ever After



"Ryder" (now re-named Brutus) was rescued from the City of Houston animal shelter. Animal control received a call about a stray that had been hanging out at a local park. Suprisingly they arrived to this big gentle dog playing with children. Unfortunately he was deemed unadoptable due to being tested positive for heartworms (high) and almost did not survive surgery. Thankfully he recovered, is fully rehabilitated through STXBA, and has now been adopted into a loving family and home!


Here is our beloved Sherman and his two new four legged siblings! Special thanks to Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas for going the extra miles of taking in and rehabilitating a stray pitbull puppy. We will miss him dearly, because we watched him grow up before our very own eyes in to the wonderful bully he is now. When we took him into our organization we did not realize that we would get so attached. However, we are excited that he is in a great home now where he will be loved forever!



Chance (aka Mr. Friendly)

Named “Chance” after being given a second chance at life through rescue of our organization, entered the City of Houston’s animal shelter in late July of 2012. This Staffordshire bull terrier had no chance of adoption due to being diagnosed with heartworms. Chance stole the hearts of board members and supporters of the rescue. The nickname “Mr. Friendly” derived from how gentle he played with kids and other dogs. He was adopted in to a wonderful home where he has loving parents, a sister Rottweiler, and wonderful kids to play with. He now enjoys camping and visits skate parks with his new family. With special thanks to his foster mom, Chance was our first official rescue and adoption. This made it all clear why STXBA was created!



Titan (aka Sweet Boy)

Named “Titan”, because of his large size and physique, entered the City of Houston’s animal shelter in early August. This camelot red APBT was very sweet, but was unable to be placed for adoption at the shelter because of being diagnosed with heartworms. Titan joined forces in foster care with Chance and they soon became bully brothers. Titan has now been adopted into a loving home where he plays fetch on a constant and gets home cooked meals on a daily basis!





Mavia (aka The Queen)

Mavia was rescued from the City of Houston’s animal shelter in mid-August when she came down with an upper respiratory infection in a facility with limited isolation space. Her sassiness gave her the name Mavia, of which was and Arabic queen of ancient times. This pocket Am Staff had the most unique brindle-blue coat and we knew it would not be long before she found a good home. She played well in foster care where she had several foster siblings, cats, and geese on the property. Mavia has now been adopted into a home with a giant backyard and a swimming pool to doggy paddle in all day!




Tuxedo (aka Tux)

“Tux” short for Tuxedo came into the City Animal Shelter in mid October. This poor guy had an abscess the size of a softball on the left side of his face and was positive for heartworms. Due to his condition, he was deemed unadoptable, which is why our organization went the necessary measures to rescue him. After seeing a photo of him at Pet Fest, his newly adopted mom knew she had to meet him in person. She planned on fostering him for a few weeks to see how well he fit in the household, and of course she couldn’t resist the opportunity to make him a permanent resident of her home (with Sir Gary’s approval of course). He now has two brothers, one named Norman (16+ years) and the other Sir Gary. We will miss him dearly; he was such a wonderful bully.



Lilly (aka Lena)

Lilly (now re-named Lena), was rescued from the City of Houston's animal shelter in early November. She was brought in as an owner surrender because she had a swollen right rear leg and her original owner could not afford the vet care. Being that the shelter has limited resources, they were unable to put Lilly up for adoption due to her condition. So STXBA stepped up and got her the proper medical attention she needed. After completing a full medical examination, we were glad to learn that her condition was minor and that she would heal on her own with an abundant amount of TLC. Lilly was absolutely adorable and we knew that she had the potential to bring joy to a well deserving family. Her new dad was looking for a female pit puppy and decided to foster her after learning of her and our organization through our partner veterinary clinic. Shortly after fostering he fell in love with her and decided to quickly make her a permanent part of his life. Now little Lena has a new big brother and a big backyard to play and eat acorns in all day!